Our charter service is designed to let you use your time as effectively as possible. A carefully planned charter flight will take you to several destinations during the same business day. Traveling with our charter service is not only smooth but also saves you time and money.

Your needs are the starting point for our service: please tell us your timetable, the size of your entourage and other details essential to your trip. Our experienced personnel will get back to you with a plan of the flight schedule and a recommendation for the aircraft choice. We are driven by the desire to offer you the best possible solution.

We have chosen our partners carefully to meet the high standards of the European Aviation Safety Agency’s air transport directives and to fulfil your expectations. All of our flight operators have extensive operational experience also in the demanding conditions of the East.


Make the most out of your valuable time without layovers or waiting at airports.


A long weekend with your loved ones starts immediately you board our plane.


Combine business with pleasure like never before.


Please contact our 24/7 Charter Service
+358 20 1612 640