Polar Aviation Charter Services provides the most suitable aircraft option to fill your needs. We offer everything from turboprop private planes to elegant business jets and jet airliners, all based on the lenght of your trip and the size of your entourage. Our fleet has the right aircraft for business flights, charter flights, ambulance flights or even light parcel freight flights that deliver your cargo efficiently to its' destination.


Private aircraft
  • Turboprop business planes for max 8 pax
  • Mid-range business jets for 6-8 pax
  • Long-range business jets for 9-18 pax
  • Turboprop airliners max 68 pax
  • Jet airliners 76 pax and upwards


We provide a wide range of air transport and ground services to cater to your needs. 


Let us know the schedule of your flight, your destination or route and the estimated number of passengers. After filling in your details, we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also specify your special requests in Additional info field.

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